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These Gift Card Terms & Conditions (“Gift Card Terms”) apply to Gift Cards (defined below) purchased from the websites, apps, and services operated by CuriosityStream Inc. (“we,” “our,” or “CS”) where these Gift Card Terms are posted (the “Services”). For buyers and recipients of Gift Cards based in Germany, additional terms and conditions will apply. Please see the Germany-Specific Disclosures below. Where the Germany-Specific Disclosures conflict with any other provision in these Gift Card Terms, the Germany-Specific Disclosures shall prevail with respect to users in Germany.

Gift Card recipients must be at least 13 years of age. By purchasing, accepting, or redeeming a Gift Card, you are agreeing to be bound by these Gift Card Terms. Gift Cards may be subject to additional terms presented in connection with the offer. If any such additional terms conflict with these Gift Card Terms, the additional terms shall control.

From time to time, we may offer one-time electronic codes redeemable for access to one or more of our Services under certain terms and conditions (“Gift Cards”). Gift Cards provide access only to the specific Service identified in the offer, and only for the set amount of time identified in the offer (“Gift Card Period”). If the Gift Card provides access to more than one Service, that will be specified in the offer. Occasionally, we may provide a limited-time offer for a lifetime Gift Card, which gives the recipient access to the applicable Service for as long as that Service is available and supported (“Lifetime Gift Card”). A Lifetime Gift Card may not be transferred to any other person besides the intended recipient. CS makes no warranties as to the expected lifetime of any of the Services. In purchasing, accepting, or redeeming a Gift Card of any length, you acknowledge and agree that the applicable Service could change or terminate at any time in the future, including prior to the redemption or full enjoyment of the Gift Card. Further, we reserve the right to stop offering Gift Cards at any time.

To redeem a Gift Card, a recipient will need to create an account with the Service to which the Gift Card provides access and accept our Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (, which govern your use of our Services. Once redeemed, the Gift Card is void. Your Gift Card Period will not begin until the Gift Card is redeemed. Once the Gift Card Period is complete, a new subscription must be purchased to continue enjoying the applicable Service or your account will be cancelled.

Gift Cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, deleted, destroyed, or used without your permission, unless required by law. Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be returned, re-loaded, transferred, or redeemed for cash, except in states where cash redemptions are required by law. Gift Cards do not expire and are not subject to any transaction fees. Gift Cards are issued by CuriosityStream Inc., 8484 Georgia Ave., Suite 700, Silver Spring, MD 20910, email:, telephone number: 844-778-8999.

When you purchase, accept, or redeem a Gift Card, you agree that the laws of the State of Maryland, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Gift Card Terms.

These Gift Card Terms do not apply to any sites or services where they are not posted, whether or not such sites or services are operated by CS. If a CS-operated site or service includes different terms and conditions applicable to its gift cards, those terms and conditions shall apply.

For any questions, please contact CS at

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